THE BAND Since the formation of The 6Ts in 1986, many people have asked why the band is called The 6Ts. Well, its not because the band has 6 members, there are only three.  It isn’t because they all drink six cups of tea a day, play golf or even because all their names begin with the letter T,  although one does.
The simple answer is that The 6Ts play 60s songs and only 60s songs.  The 6Ts are a tribute band to not a single artiste but to a whole decade.

Tel, Lol, and Harry mastered their trade in that wonderful era and still hold true to the musical paradigm of the 60s, that the entertainment of the audience is paramount and entertain they certainly do.  There is no static stage when The 6Ts perform.  Far from it.  The 6Ts’ show  incorporates the visual excitement of The Who along with the subtle musical intricacies of The Hollies and all of it played live. Not a single tape, cd, or mini disc in sight.  Voices also play a predominant role throughout the band’s repertoire so when The 6Ts play hits such as Angel of the morning and Love hurts,  don’t be suprized to be moved by the stunning 3 part vocal harmonies.  But most of all  enjoy an evening in the company of The 6Ts; it will be the most memorable evening you’ve had for a very long time. 

Luckily you don’t have to rely on just your memory,  get The 6Ts albums, ‘Bringing On Back The Good Times’ and 'Out Of Time' and enjoy forever.

                                        Experience The 6Ts and experience the 60s! 


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